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Terms of Service

Disney Puzzle Terms of Service

  • Acceptance By using Disney Puzzle, you agree to these terms. If you’re not on board, you might have to find another castle.
  • Content Usage All puzzles, graphics, and content are ours (unless stated otherwise). No stealing, please!
  • User Conduct Be kind, be fair, and no cheating! We believe in fair play, just like every Disney hero.
  • Account Responsibility If you create an account, keep your details secret. If Ursula gets her hands on them, it’s not on us!
  • Limitation of Liability While we sprinkle magic on every puzzle, we can’t guarantee they’ll always be error-free. We’ll do our best, but can’t be held responsible for any puzzling mishaps.
  • Changes to Terms We may occasionally update these terms. Don’t worry, we’ll always let our fellow puzzlers know.
  • Termination If users don’t play by the rules, we reserve the right to end the game.
  • Contact Got a bone to pick, or just want to chat? Contact us at [email protected].